Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14, 2010

This afternoon I have a job fair to go to at Manhattan College. It is notorious (in my mind) for the ridiculous amount of stairs that you have to walk up to to get to the event space from the parking lot. I think they should provide a shuttle, I have a large box of promotional materials to carry after all! But, I digress... comfy shoes are a must today and so is dressing to impress to an extent. You want to fool, ahem, I mean convince the students that they want to work at your company (especially as unpaid HR interns with me) so looking professional and chic doesn't hurt! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I also have to give a portion of New Employee Orientation at my job in the morning. I address some company policies and benefit so, I need to be taken seriously and appear authoritative-ish. Also, when I get to the part about dress code I like to point at what I'm wearing and say, "like this". Sorry about the crappy picture quality, my camera battery died and I had to take the first one with my phone...
  • Top: navy Catherine Malandrino jersey knit dress via Loehmanns (so comfy) and a brown and black zebra print cardi from New York and Company
  • Bottom: Would Spanx count here? Sure, why not!
  • Shoes & Accessories: silver hardware embellished flats from Nordtrom Rack, my abuela's vintage silver hoop earrings (not pictured), and my yellow alley purse. I also added a black belt after I took the pictures because it kinda tied the whole look together. It was from Kohls with these pants.

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