Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011: And The Hits Just Keep On Comin'

I hope everyone is doing ok after Hurricane Irene. On one level I'm really glad that the officials took it seriously and made drastic moves to keep people safe (ex: shutting down trains, evacuating people in low lying areas); on another level I'm annoyed because it really wasn't that bad where I am and my weekend was seriously impacted for some bad rain and wind: I didn't leave my house for almost two days because the storm was coming and BF had to stay at work from 12AM on Saturday to 8AM on Sunday.

Overall I'm just glad that everyone I know is safe and sound but, this morning Irene just keeps messing with me. The train I normally take to work isn't running which definitely alters my morning commute. I think she owes me the $16.00 I'm going to have to spend on parking... it's totally her fault!

Today starts a week of my boss being out on vacation so I am definitely making a concerted effort to be even more professional than before because I will be holding down the fort and I want to make a good impression. What does that mean? I'm not entirely sure. Maybe blazers all week...

  • Topred floral print top, Old Navy with a tank top underneath for the modesty; brown jacket, LOFT
  • Bottombeige pinstripe pencil skirt, New York & Company
  • Shoes & Accessoriessilver Stella wedge pumps, Seychelles via DSW; abuela's vintage silver hoop earring; purple tote bag, Coach

Here is my Stella & Dot pick for this outfit:

Signature Clover Chandelier Earrings -- Silver

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Re: Hurricane Irene

With Hurricane Irene knocking at my doorstep I just wanted to tell everyone who might have to face the storm good luck and stay safe! 

August 27, 2011: State of Anticipation

So first it was an earthquake and now it's a hurricane! What's next, Earth? When I was getting ready in the morning I was very focused on taking advantage of the second to last summer Friday (meaning we get out early) that I have left and wearing something that was a testament to the quickly ending summer season and less to the potential "impending doom" that is on the way hence, white linen...

The way the the city (both government and occupants) have been talking about Irene I was mostly concerned about getting home before the "storm of the century" hit. I am planning on camping out in my apartment with good DVR and a small stack of September Issues. Are you going to have to deal with Hurricane Irene? What are you doing to weather the storm?
  • Top: white short sleeve sweater, LOFT (same shirt different color here and here); white linen blazer, Bitten via Steve & Barry's
  • Bottom: black really skinny pants, GAP
  • Shoes & Accessoriessilver cutout flats, Corso Como via DSW; pink rhodochrosite and mother of pearl necklace, Gem Cove/birthday gift from Mom; pink rhodochrosite and mother of pearl earrings,  Gem Cove/birthday gift from Mom; gray and black purse, Pietro Alessandro   

Here is my Stella & Dot pick:

Carnival Necklace

Items from this outfit are previously seen and remixed here, here, here, hereherehereherehere, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here:

    Friday, August 26, 2011

    FBFF: The Unsung Hero

    This week we are supposed to be examining a favorite item from our wardrobe. That was such a difficult thing for me because in this personal style challenge I am trying to give the things in my wardrobe seemingly equal amounts of attention. I know there are going to be somethings that get worn more than other but, still...

    With all that in mind today I am celebrating my watch! I wouldn't call it a favorite per say but, I would say that  this is a long overdue mention. Whether you noticed or not I wear my watch almost every day, look below.

    See I told you! My watch doesn't always end up in the pictures because on picture taking Sundays all I am doing is hanging around the house but, it still deserves mention! I got this watch when I lost my old one which was a replacement for the graduation gift my parents got me a while back which I lost at a sleepover during a roadshow weekend. Still keeping up with me?

    I wanted watch number three to be a whole new watch and it is! Here are some close ups so you and my watch can get acquainted. 

    The only thing that all my watches have had in common since I was a freshman in high school is that they are Fossil watches. I don't know what it is about them exactly but, I am really attracted to that style and have been a dedicated customer ever since. So much so, that I have turned friends and even BF onto the magic that is Fossil. The best part is they have an awesome outlet that is not too far from my house so, it's an (even more) economical thing if I need to invest in a new timepiece. WIN all around!

    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    eShakti Picks for Fall

    I have been wearing alot of dresses/skirts this week and even though I am being more weather appropriate today and wearing pants I still have them on my mind. I decided to check out some of the to fill my imaginary shopping cart with things for the fall. Here's what I came up with:

    Ruffle front cotton knit dress

    Ruffled neck print dress

    Ruffle trim mock two piece dress

    Exposed metal zipper statement necklace

    Remember these are my top picks; there are so many other great items on the website and you could build a wardrobe consisting of mostly them! Don't forget to take advantage of the coupon right now and get $20 off of a purchase of $20 or more from with code: 260DAYS0811! It is not valid on over stocks but, that's ok most of the good stuff is brand new anyway...  

    August 26, 2011: Happy Hour Again?

    When friend and I went to the bar for my birthday we went because I had won a happy hour. That night some of the promo girls were going around collecting phone number and email addresses to find another lucky winner. They happened to find one in the boyfriend of a friend so I'm sure you can guess what they plans are for tonight! It would be a nice way to kick off the weekend.
    • Topcream lace top, Merona for Target; black safari jacket, LOFT (same jacket different color hereherehereherehere, and here)
    • Bottom: brown knit pants, New York & Company
    • Shoes & Accessoriesblack sneaker/shoes, Rocket Dog; blue stone necklace, Gem Gove/birthday gift from Mom; blue stone earrings, Gem Cove/birthday gift from Mom; gray and black purse, Pietro Alessandro

    My Stella & Dot pick:

    Contessa Jade Necklace

    Items from this outfit are previously seen and remixed here, here, here, here, here, here, herehereherehere,herehere, and here

    Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    August 25, 2011: Sexy Librarian

    Sorry for the delay Blogger was giving me some serious problems this morning that I did not have time to deal with in the morning rush. Normally I will run a search when updating on items that I have previously worn and it told me that I have never written anything about "tweed"... seriously!? So since I couldn't get the whole post together and still make my bus I decided to put it off until I got home. This allowed me to get a few compliments at work that I could tell you about. Apparently, my professional pattern mixing is appreciated!

    This title is what BF described my look as when I put on this outfit to take the pictures. That wasn't really the look I was going for but, I'll take what I can get... Isn't is funny how when you put on something that is very covered up but, form hugging it instantly becomes "sexy." To combat the pulling/inappropriateness of the third button (the one that sits over my bosom, that jerk) I put on a cardigan. I figured worse comes to worse I could always pull that closed if things for out of control which they (thankfully) didn't. Do you have a "sexy" but, covered up look? What does it consist of?

    It took alot of self control to not have a title that was earthquake related but, obviously I don't have a ton since I still mentioned it. I'll be honest I didn't feel a thing because I was "hoofing it" from one end of the office to another but, then all of a sudden people talking about it, running downstairs, our phones weren't working, etc. and it was confirmed by moments later. All this experience did (for me) was allow me to say that I survived it, get a few swarm badges on foursquare, and reaffirm that NYC is not the place to be when buildings shake or anything else happens, everyone jumps to "terrorism" and panics. How was it for you guys? Did anyone else feel the Earth shake?
    • Top: pink striped button down shirt, GAP; black cardigan, Merona via Target/gift from BF
    • Bottomblack and white tweed pencil skirt, Isaac Mizrahi for Target via The Unique Thrift Store
    • Shoes & Accessoriesblack patent leather t-strap pumps, LOFT; chalcedony and mother of pearl earrings, Gem Cove/birthday gift from Mom; black belt, came with this dressgray and black purse, Pietro Alessandro

    My Stella & Dot Pick:
    After the Rain Bracelet

    Items from this outfit are previously seen and remixed here, here, and here:

    Tuesday, August 23, 2011

    August 24, 2011: You Say Goodbye And I Say Hello

    Last night I said goodbye so long for now to my college roommate. I have to keep reminding myself that it's not forever, she will be back soon! Plus, now they make these magical things called phones and Skype so we should be able to keep in touch no problem. Tonight I am meeting up with one of my cousins to help her with her resume/job search. Thankfully we're meeting at a place not far from my job so tonight shouldn't be a late one. She's not one of the cousins that I am super close with but, I am happy to help. Maybe I'll make a new friend, Hello!

    This dress is one of my thrifting treasures. When my Mom and I went this year for a potential birthday extravaganza I didn't end up finding as much stuff as last year but, that's ok. It's the nature of thrifting! I was definitely at a loss when it came to accessorizing this posh polyester prize. I originally picked out a pair of gold hoop earrings but, ended up going with a different pair. I was really aware that those types of earrings might send a message (I'm Puerto Rican if you didn't know) to people who think in negative stereotypes.

    Maybe I'm just being self conscious but, I tend to stay away from certain types of jewelry (ahem, gold hoops) because of the message that it could send. Mostly, I just don't prefer gold though. Do you ever find yourself limiting your wardrobe so people don't judge you based on any kind (sex, nationality, etc.) of stereotypes ?

    • Top: purple vintage dress, birthday gift from mom with a tank top underneath for the modesty; gray ruffle trim cardigan, LOFT/birthday gift from BF's parents
    • Shoes & Accessoriesbrown giraffe print peep toe shoes, Adrienne Vitadinni via DSW/gift from BFsilver and gold teardrop earrings, V'ta Jewelry; brown tote bag, Bulga  

    My Stella and Dot picks for this outfit are:

    Estate Chandelier Earrings

    Items from this outfit are previously seen and remixed hereherehere and here:

    Monday, August 22, 2011

    Featured: The Budget Babe

    My review of was featured on The Budget Babe's Weekly Fashion Link Round Up! Pinch me...

    August 22, 2011: Monday For Real

    Last week my Monday was Wednesday and having that shorter week was a fantastic way to keep the vacation vibe going. Unfortunately that couldn't last forever and I am headed back to the office today for a full work week with some social engagements sprinkled in there for good measure!

    Tonight I am going to be meeting up with my old college roomie before she heads back to London. I didn't really get to spend a ton of time with here while she was here but, the time we did spend together was absolutely lovely, I'm looking forward to tonight being more of the same. In terms of style I'm glad I have pieces in my closet this dress which can double as a professional work piece by day and a fun happy hour piece by night! 

    After the staycation fail and awkward conversation BF said he would put some of the money that we would have spent doing super fun things during our time off but, didn't (thanks weather) twoards beefing up my professional wardrobe. With that in mind I hit Loehmanns and found this awesome Calvin Klein suit. After all the coupons and discounts it was more than $200 off the original retail price, WIN! The one thing I didn't realize about it until this morning was that it has shoulder pads, FAIL. I have pretty broad shoulders as it is so shoulder pads are not a necessary thing; although I'm sure I would have been going crazy with the trend in the 80's had I been old enough. So this jack might need a trip to the tailor AKA my Mom to have them removed. What do you think of the fit?

    On another note, since I am a now a Stella & Dot stylist I will be putting adding pieces that I think would be a great match with my daily outfit in each post. There is totally something for everyone and every outfit and this helps me pretend (in my mind) like I actually got to wear this amazing jewelry because I shouldn't can't buy everything for myself... that kind of completely defeats the purpose!
    • Topnavy blue jersey knit dress, New York and Company with a tank top underneath for the modesty; gray pinstripe blazer, Calvin Klein via Loehmanns/gift from BF
    • Shoes & Accessories silver Stella wedge pumps, Seychelles via DSWInkwenkwezi Safety Pin necklace, Smithsonian/Christmas gift from Mom; silver bead earrings, Tiffany & Co.; yellow alley bag

    My Stella and Dot pick for this outfit:

    Astor Five Strand Necklace 
    Items from this outfit are previously seen here:

    Examiner Says: Head Back To School In Style

    With Stella and Dot you can take advantage of a great offer they have going on this week. Get a little something for yourself and the little lady in your life! Click through for more details...

    Sunday, August 21, 2011

    My New Profession!

    I have a surprise for you... Earlier this month I got an awesome pair of earrings for my birthday which I wore last week. I kind of fell in love with them so I went to the website to check out some of the other offerings.

    Now I had heard of Stella & Dot before but, had never really looked into it. I'm so glad that this gift prompted me to. Not only did I find a whole bunch of fun new jewelry I also found a ton of information on becoming a Stella & Dot stylist. They totally sold me on it and now I am a stylist!

    You can check out my page and if you're interested we can talk jewelry! You can also shop Stella & Dot by clicking on the ladies who lunch in the top left of this page. I am so excited to get started!


    I know after you read about how great is you were all about it! Well, I have some great news for you, they are having a huge giveaway right now. The grand prize is a $750.00 gift card to their site! You can get something really amazing with all that. And even if you don't win the big prize the consolation ones aren't too shabby, I wouldn't complain about a pearl necklace or earrings! The best part of it all is that everyone who enters gets a $20-$150 coupon code just because. What are you waiting for?

    Update: I Complete You Product Challenge

    It has been a while since I had something to post in this area. I guess in the attempts to be more economical about shopping for clothes it has spilled over into my shopping and use in other areas. I want to get the most I can out of everything I have whether it be clothes, shampoo, soap, or even food and the like and I am finding that a dab (literally and metaphorically) will do you!

    This bottle of lotion took particularly long to finish because it was thick dense cocoa butter. It was like the never ending lotion; just when I thought I was finished and gave it the "last" shake it kept on going. There might have even been some left in the bottle that I couldn't get out but, in the end I was ready to move on. 

    I also finished another bar of soap, it wasn't as epic.

    Check out my updated list here.

    Friday, August 19, 2011

    August 19, 2011: Time Flies When There Is Less

    No, I'm not trying to push my luck with these awesomely professional jeans as normal pants; it is that one Friday a month where they are actually acceptable to wear to work! That is a pretty great way to end the shortest work week that I have had in a long time. 
    • Top: coral artist tank, Merona for Targetbeige short sleeved jacket, GAP
    • Bottomdouble waistband denim trouser, tailored by me LOFT/Christmas gift 
    • Shoes & Accessoriesturquoise peep toe flats, Xhiliration via Target/gift from BF; garden party chandelier earrings, Stella & Dot/birthday gift; brown tote bag, Bulga  

    Items from this outfit are previously seen and remixed here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here:

    FFBF: When I Grow Up I Want To Be...

    1. Fess up - if you could do anything professionally what would it be?

    If I could do anything I would want to be a professional personal organizer! Houses, offices, apartments, closets, desks, cabinets, purses; you name it, I could do it...

    2. What draws you to this?

    I like things to be orderly and when things are it makes life so much easier. Honestly, not everyone is capable of doing that in every aspect of their life all the time but, I have always been able to be impartial and practical when faced with these situations and come up with economical solutions if necessary. It just seems so natural and I'm sure I could be a help to lots of people who don't have these traits!

    Photo Credit:

    3. When did you first start dreaming about this ideal?

    It probably started when I was a personal assistant for a local doctor. She was smart and practical person who kept a beautiful home but, a train wreck of an office. I helped her put it all in order and worked with her every week to keep it that way for years! Did I mention this is when I was in high school? Yeah...

    4. What's holding you back from going all in?

    It seems unrealistic to me now. Who is going to pay me the hourly rate I would want to go through their mess/junk and potentially tell them they needed to buy more stuff to organize it. We are in just got out of a recession! I'm sure there are more important things for most people to spend their money on.

    That being said being organized helps your save money in the end...

    Photo credit:

    5. Sometimes the first step is the hardest... what's one step you can take now on the way to realizing your dream?

    I guess I could try to network with more people about my "talent" but, it might be more convincing if I didn't use quotes around the word like it's a fake thing or a foreign concept.

    Thursday, August 18, 2011


    One of the hardest thing that I have found to resist in my attempts to cut back on spending is group buying websites. LivingSocial, Groupon, and the like all seem to have amazing local deals that you just can't beat! That is, it was hard to resist in the beginning. Now I don't even read the barrage of emails that hits my inbox everyday. I don't care about getting a cheap deal on paintball, bowling, or dinner at some rando restaurant while I'm going through my everyday motions. Maybe I would care about it when I actually wanted to play paintball, go bowling, or the like and by the time the happens the deal is long gone from one site and maybe on to another but, who can keep track of all that in the first place. In the end it seems like more trouble and temptation than it's worth.

    When someone bought to my attention I thought it was just like all the others. The first thing that came to mind was: No, I don't need Japanese hair straightening the day after there was a deal for Keratin... seriously I like my hair on my head. After taking a closer look on the website I realize that it was the best thing ever and began to wonder why no one (or I) hadn't thought of it sooner. is an aggregator! How brilliant is that?! Think Google for beauty deals. So every deal from all over the internet is in one spot for your browsing convenience. Meaning, you don't have to jump on something just because it popped up in your inbox and there is a 5 minute window to seal the deal; there will be another one...

    You just plug in your zip code to see if what deals are in your area and take your pick. Most major cities are covered so there shouldn't be any issues finding a mani/pedi or hot stone massage near you!

    Right now they are running an amazing giveaway for members who spread the word. They are giving away gift cards everyday and all you have to do to enter is sign up for an account then Facebook, Tweet, and +1 your way to the prize! It couldn't be easier but, I think you deserve that mani/pedi for all your hard work...

    *I have received no monetary or in kind compensation from in exchange for this review. I will be entered in a giveaway. The review represents my honest opinion regarding this product and the website.

    August 18, 2011: Unnecessary Hesitation

    I have had this amazing dress from for a while and still haven't worn it. Well that is about to change today. The biggest challenge with the dress has been finding a way to make it more work appropriate. For a while I thought that it might not have been professional enough or too dressy/theatrical to wear (I can't really make up my mind) in the office but, after recent discussions I though, "Why not see how it goes" and paired it with some vintage inspired accessories.

    Don't forget to check out for amazing customizable pieces that will fit you and your wardrobe needs perfectly. While you're at it use my discount code, 260DAYS0811, and get $20 off of a purchase of $20 or more. It's not good on overstocks but, should work fine on everything else! 

    • Top: red bird motif wood block print cotton twill dress, courtesy of eshakti.comgray plaid blazer, Jones New York/Mom's closet clean-out 
    • Shoes & Accessoriesyellow vintage inspired cut-out wedges, Merona for Target; my abuela's vintage silver hoop earring; gray and black purse, Pietro Alessandro (not pictured)

    Items from this outfit are previously seen and remixed here, here, and here: